Message from the President
To be industial solution
President and CEO
Aims to gain the trust and satisfaction of customers through human resource development and mastery of technology
You face daily pressure for more productivity, more profitability, more innovation, better quality, and better environmental compliance with tighter budgets, fewer full-time staff, and smaller margins for error.
PT. Halim Teknik understands that in today's environment, you need to leverage your staff's time more effectively and to find solutions that solve more than one problem.
We provide solutions that help you grow and prosper. Having most of our staff experience more than 10 years and starting as the practitioner. We do believe it will help you to solve the problem.
PT. Halim Teknik of course. We will use our engineering skills and experiences to solve complex problems for clients like you. Whenever possible, we devise solutions that save our customers time and money, too.

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